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Indica DominantA colorful and vibrant plant, Pink Kush is floral, sweet and woodsy.This strain is legendary amongst users for its sedative effects, making it a top choice for clients experiencing pain, insomnia, anxiety, and stress.*Based on client feedback and reviews, not scientifically proven. PINK KUSH 

Organically grown indica dominant hybrid.  Genetic origins are Lemon Thai / Pakistani crossed with ChemDawg. Other names are OG Kush and Original Gangster. PINK KUSH

Strain Name: Pink Kush
Type: hybrid
Grade: AAAA
Nose:  AAAA – Mildly sweet, flowery and earthy
Taste:  AAAA – sweet and flowery with slight skunky/kushy undertones
Burn:  AAAA – smooth burning with a clean ash. Appears to be well-flushed.
Visual: AAAA – small to medium buds with a good haircut. Stem snaps, product is dried properly. Pinkish hairs twirling in green buds nicely sugared with trichomes. PINK KUSH

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