Plus CBD Oil: Hemp Salve (50mg CBD)


Nourish your skin, relax your muscles, and calm your spirits with our Hemp Salve Relief. Smooth, silky, moisturizing, and never greasy, Hemp Salve offers a CBD-infused, exquisitely scented herbal blend that will change the way you think about moisturizing balms.

+CBD Oil’s Hemp Salve is a potent, all-natural skin product that will soothe your skin, calm your senses, and offer relaxation. Thicker than most other hemp salves, this salve brings together the incredible calming properties of Cannabidiol with an impressive array of natural extracts and essential oils, offering a splendid scent.

In fact, this salve is both thicker and smoother than most other natural salves. +CBD Oil’s Hemp Salve is available in cans of 1.3oz – 50mg CBD, and a single can will last a long time.

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Why Choose Hemp Salve?
+CBD Oil’s Hemp Salve is a thick, intensively moisturizing salve that brings together CBD’s soothing with a considerable number of all-natural ingredients, all part of this topical. It’s made with organic, non-GMO (non-genetically modified) ingredients and offers relaxation for dry skin.

The salve will also give new life to your hair and nails, making them healthier, more radiant, and stronger through the multitude of natural ingredients that have the power to strengthen keratin. Each bottle of +CBD Oil’s Hemp Salve packs 1.3oz – 50mg of pure CBD extract, infused with numerous natural extracts and essential oils that work synergistically to offer you deep relaxation. The salve is smooth, lightly scented, and exquisitely full-bodied, with no artificial dyes, scents, parabens, or toxins.

With +CBD Oil’s Hemp Salve, you can give your skin all the natural CBD goodness it needs with a smooth, moisturizing experience. There are many CBD topicals out there, but +CBD Oil’s Hemp Salve is the richest in terms of natural extracts and is also one of the thickest all-natural salves on the market today.

Its essential oils and top-grade natural extracts come together with CBD’s earthy aroma to create a kaleidoscope of scents that will delight your senses as much as it will moisturize and rejuvenate your skin, hair, and nails. The salve is virtually THC free. As each bottle includes 1.3oz – 50mg of pure CBD, it offers great value for money, so you can enjoy CBD’s benefits directly on your skin for a long time with a single bottle.

All-natural CBD oil
More essential oils and natural extracts than any other CBD topical
Smooth, thick consistency
Protects against severe dryness
Relaxing and rejuvenating
No known side effects
Virtually THC free
Legal in the US and in 40 countries worldwide
Great value for money
No artificial dyes, scents, parabens, or toxins
How to Use Hemp Salve
To fully experience the benefits of +CBD Oil’s Hemp Salve, apply directly on clean, dry skin, hair, or nails. Massage with slow, circular motions to allow the salve to penetrate the tissue and bestow its moisturizing properties on your body. Use the salve after a shower for instant re-moisturization.

Using the salve is simple: Just rub it on the desired areas and enjoy the calming effects of hemp oil on your body as you delight in the natural scent of the salve’s numerous extracts and essential oils. The hemp oil in +CBD Oil’s Hemp Salve is extracted from hemp of industrial quality, guaranteeing high quantities of CBD and virtually no THC. This makes the salve legal to purchase and use in the US and in 40 countries worldwide.

In addition, all the other ingredients of the salve are also all-natural and extracted with nature-friendly methods to preserve their properties and unique scents. There are more natural extracts and essential oils in this salve than in any other CBD topical, including almond oil, beeswax, jojoba, ginseng, ginger root, peppermint oil, and more.

Prunus dulcis (almond) oil, cera alba (beeswax), candelilla/jojoba/rice bran polyglyceryl-3 esters, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, sodium stearoyl lactylate, hemp oil, herbal extract [Cortex Moutan radicis, Radix Salviae miltiorrhizae, Folium Mori albae, Radix Ginseng, Cortex Lycii radicis, Radix Ledebouriellae divaricatae, Rhizoma Zingiberis officinalis recens (ginger root)], Mentha piperita (peppermint oil), Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil.


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