Therabis: Energy Supplement For Dogs


As dogs age, their knees and joints deteriorate just like humans’ do. This is one of the reasons why older dogs stop moving as much and lose the will to play. In most cases, you can find ways to offer your dog some calm and improve his wellness levels. One of them is Therabis Energy Supplement for Dogs.

Developed by experienced veterinarian Dr. Stephen M. Katz, Therabis Energy Supplement for Dogs has a special formula that combines hemp powder, vitamin C, chromium, green-lipped mussel, and CBD. With all these natural food supplements, your dog will have improved wellness levels and show increased energy for longer. Starting early with the formula may also help your pet feel great for as long as possible into their old age.

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How to Use Therabis Energy Supplement for Dogs
Using Therabis energy supplement for dogs is quite easy.

Buy the right size satchels depending on your dog’s size. Choose between Small, Medium, or Large, depending on how big the dog is.
Sprinkle the supplement on the dog’s usual food.
Make sure the dog eats all of it.
To be certain the dog will consume the entire supplement, use only half of the animal’s normal meal portion. Once your pet has eaten the food, you can then add the remaining half so your pet receives his normal portion. To determine your dog’s size, check out an online chart or ask your vet.

If your dog shows extreme lethargy, see your vet before giving any supplements. Therabis Energy Supplement for Dogs will give your pet the life he deserves by improving overall wellness and promoting a better quality of life.

Warning: Do not give this supplement to humans or other animals. This is a supplement only for dogs. Do not give this supplement to pregnant or breeding dogs, as the effects on fetuses has not been studied. Keep the supplements stored out of reach of children and pets. If your dog shows symptoms of extreme lethargy or tiredness, see a vet.


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